Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Want to be found?

For most people, the internet is our first stop when looking for a new product or service.

We look to buy, price check products and for reviews, comments and social proof.

SEO is the process of ensuring that your website turns up high in search results when searches match your products and services.

We work with you to ensure that customers who need your services and products find your website ahead of your competitors.

Organic SEO vs Paid Search Results

Organic SEO refers to search results that are not paid for.

The alternative is paid search ads: Google Adwords or Bing Ads. They display your ad alongside their organic search results. You pay a fee for everyone who clicks on your ad: pay per click. Paid ads may be a good solution in a crowded market, but for most clients, organic SEO provides a better return on investment.

SEO Search results diagram: Organic vs Paid Advertising

Is your website SEO fit?

SEO is an ongoing process. Think of it like being an athlete: you don't just get SEO fit and then sit on the couch and expect to stay fit, and keep up with your competition who are still training.

Ranking highly in the search engines can easily result in a constant flood of new business.

In Australia, 90-95% of all searches are done through Google (reference), followed by Bing.

For a given search (E.g. "teapot"), search engines use a large number of factors to decide which result to show, and their order.

The factors and how much influence they have constantly changes as search companies improve. Your competitition are also constantly trying to rank higher than you.

It's good to be the king!

The top 3 organic search results get over 50% of all clicks. The first page of search results gets around 70% of all clicks. (Reference)

Organic SEO: Clicks per position

Driving traffic to your website from the search engines is vital.

Good SEO ensures that customers who need your services and products find your website, and find it above your competitors.

We can help. Call us now to talk about how we can improve your SEO.