Social Media & Online Marketing

Marketing in the social media age

The modern online environment is full of possibilites for the smart business to use to market themselves.

But it can be confusing and companies can waste time and resources with the wrong online marketing strategy.

  • Don't know your Tiktok from your Instagram?
  • Is Facebook still worth it? How often should we be posting? When? How do we reach our audience?
  • Need help managing your mailing lists, sending out email newsletters, or setting up email newsletter templates?

We can help - We'll make sure your social media strategy is sound, explain what is important for your business and customers.

Social media set up - Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

14 Million Australians use Facebook. Youtube has 13.6 million active Australian users. Social media is an essential part of your marketing.

Let us take care of the hassle of initially setting up all your social media pages for you. We're expert at making your social media look professional and amazing.

Ongoing social media strategy

How often you should post, where, how to respond to customer compliments and complaints - we make it simple and easy for you.

Email Newsletters, EDMs, Mailchimp

Having an email marketing list can be a cost effective way to build long term relationships with your customers, promote your business, and keep your customers informed and impressed.

We can assist with setting up, managing, building templates and growing your email lists. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on with being a marketing star!